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USB Type-C 2013 standard, 2014 announcement specifications, after more than a year of development, in 2016 a breakthrough in the application of progress.

Apple will be released in the spring of 2015, let the 12-inch MacBook abandon the past two sets of standard USB port and MagSafe magnetic power supply connection interface, instead of using both sides can plug USB Type-C, but As the USB Type-C specifications just announced for a short while, the surrounding product prices are still high, and there is enough to charge the efficiency of the product is not much, causing a lot of market rebound, but Apple indifferent, the end of October 2016 published MacBook Pro make persistent efforts, Also cancel the USB Type-A, add 4 groups of USB Type-C, so that the thickness of the new machine thinner.

After nearly two years of development, USB Type-C market prices and peripheral support has improved, but for years of training habits are changed, the market is still complaining, but in the evolution of technology, the user's habits will Will be changed.

From the market situation, the current USB Type-C growth is obvious, the current Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwan and other Android manufacturers have launched the interface of the mobile phone, CPU leader Intel as the overall market is still the traditional USB-based ,but its step is slow, unlike Apple, once in place a comprehensive replacement, but overall, USB Type-C trend has become a mainstream market is only a matter of time.

Beginning in 2017, the mobile phone market will begin to enter the USB Type-C replacement period, and Intel has launched notebook and motherboard USB Type-C reference design, followed by USB Type-A computer peripherals, will gradually Be eliminated.

In particular, USB 3.1 new Type-C for video transmission (support 4K UHD picture output) greatly improved, the future mobile phone, tablet, laptop, can use a Type-C transmission line, get data, video and power connection output HIS Technology's report predicts that USB-USB Type-C's largest market will initially focus on smart phones, tablets and laptops, but the future will be more widely used, such as television and set-top boxes It is worth looking forward to, in addition to sports cameras (GoPro), DVD, home game consoles are still using USB devices, the future can be replaced with USB-USB Type-C.