Power bank

A simple headphone holder, but also with extended functionality and PD charging function.

Making a dedicated device responsible for a specific use is a way of improving the quality of life, but then there is an unavoidable need for a wide variety of electronic devices and accessories on our desktops. Headphones lie flat on the desktop not only occupy the location, but also easy to accumulate dust, many people will choose to buy a headset rack on the table. Ear rack is also a wide range of, from cheaper plastic, to a lot of people like solid wood, and stylish metal, not only very useful, but also embellishment of the overall home with.


Headset gives us the minimalist feel of the Nordic, the overall use of alloy + plastic composition, the surface of the metal part of the surface oxidation process, the plastic part of the plating process.


Ear rack overall height of about 279mm, well adapted to a variety of large and small headphones, the bottom of a layer of non-slip rubber ring. This will not let the earmuffs move along with the earphones and headphones.


The base features a HUB extension with two USB Type-A and Type-C connectors at USB 3.0 and supports TYPE-C PD reverse power supply with two 3.5mm audio connectors and Built-in sound card, used to connect the headset. That way we can not only use it to place the headset, you can also charge the wireless headset or use it to connect the 3.5mm audio interface, very easy to use.