Power bank

1 high-power charger is not energy-saving (with the current technology, 5W minimum energy loss, the most energy-efficient, Apple currently only considered this energy-saving details, but save the energy of the world where there should be applause)

2. High-power charger is not environmentally friendly (you see the volume of high-power, natural resource consumption is 2 times 5W, imagine that the data multiplied by two hundred million a year of shipments, this is too horrible)

3. In fact, the more environmentally friendly approach is not equipped with a charging head, we believe that most users in fact more than one charging head at home, and we are actually a small part of the new user without a charging head intimate equipped with a charging head.

4. According to our research, most of our users do not need a high-power charger, and we thoughtfully provided it to a small number of users who really needed it, and designed a high-power charger specifically for Environmental Protection We do not want to buy this charger without the just needed user, so we set the high cost threshold of 388 + 188.

5 It is clear that high-power chargers are much larger than 5W chargers, so 5W chargers are undoubtedly the best choice from a user experience.

Therefore, not stingy, but you are here are you too small, you also need to raise awareness of environmental protection.